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Are you looking for a suitable partmner for the outsource development of cosmetic products? The full procurement strategyof Bergman PHarma Co. is specialised in the development and production of cosmetic products. Starting with the formulation developmentand supplying raw ingredients, up to the finished products, we can offer you our comprehensive knowledge and connections. wedo not differentiate whether you are still a young company or a manufacturer with tradition- You are exactly right with us

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The strongest asset of a beauty business is the enthusiasm of their customers. Finding brand voice and sticking to the main focus of the brand for creating brand advocacy is crucial in beauty business



Bergman Pharma Co. is capable of supplying the whole raw materials used in production of cosmetic products and also supporting the total process of bulk production and packaging in beauty business



Create and sign legally binding contracts, protect your intellectual properties, agree on a benchmark sample and finally experience good manufacturing process in beauty business is our commitment

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Cosmetics: The Future of the Customer Experience From beauty company founders to celebrity makeup artists, keep scrolling here! Beauty brands are already improving the customer experience – and business results

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Browse our list of highest trending products in 2022 , great to be used to produce the trendy cosmetic products in beauty business

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The big carriers such as FedEx, UPS and Amazon make lots of deliveries, and none of those packages are being shipped for "free

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going beyond meeting our customer's basic needs and providing support in a timely and pleasant manner has ever been our moto


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An unparalleled global experience in developing innovative and sustainable strategies for promoting the business trends and cosmetic products, We share them with you here



A deep knowledge of beauty industry is a must as a beauty business owner. Establishing and maintaining a professional image increases your appeal and draw clients to you



Safety and guarantee of right and due performance are the key points in concluding a contract. decide with confidence and a legally safe contract for your business right now

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Our commitment to supporting all the customers and building satisfaction is our key win base. Make your ideal experience by our qualified CRM system in managing your business now

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